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I’m intrigued about what makes great sales people great. What is it that Ultra High Performers do and what are the difficult things they’ve mastered that makes selling easy for them?

I’ve studied the very best in the sales industry for years, building an extensive library of what I believe to be the most practical and applicable sales tips to create a framework for greatness – here are just three, that in my opinion, are brilliant;

Sales Tips – 1: “Help people make decisions that are good for them” – Tom Hopkins

Sounds simple doesn’t it but I continue to meet sales people who far too early try and sell their USP, their value proposition, their features & benefits – why? People aren’t interested in what you’ve got; they just want what’s right for them. The ability to really understand someone’s needs by being genuinely interested in them will always lead you to a point at the right time when you can help solve their problem with your product or service. The bonus in this approach is people will trust you and we all know what happens when trust appears between two people…

Sales Tips – 2: “If you’re not convinced, you can’t convince”Phil M Jones

Right now, this minute, ask yourself these two questions; 1. Would you buy your product? 2. Would you buy from you? Do you look, sound and act like an expert in your market? Why limit your ability to succeed simply by looking like a bag of spanners and creating a persona of self-doubt? As Phil says “start by giving a good account of yourself, your company and your product every time”. Get totally sold on the company you work for (know your “WHY”) and the products they trust you to help people buy and when you do, you will create massive shifts in your sales success.

Sales Tips – 3: “SW3″ – Some will, some won’t, so what! Peter Thomson

Whilst it may sound strange that someone like me who works in the Personal Development training industry puts a statement suggesting possible failure as one of his top three; please understand that there is so much more to Peters’ simple yet fundamental words of advice. Aside from the reality that not everyone will buy from you every time, earning the right to use this mantra comes from having a full sales pipeline, the result of your pragmatic and professional approach to how you do your job. Living it, gives you the confidence to keep moving forward to the next on your list without the emotional baggage that could limit your self-belief and impact your behaviour.


So there you have it, just three from many I have captured over the years. Check out my book, you can download the first two chapters here and it will not only give you loads more sales tips, but will provide you with practical exercises to create the habits of success which you can take into your sales role.


About the author: Matt Sykes is founder of Sales Training company Salescadence. He works predominantly with Personality-led Business Owners to help them convert more of their leads into customers via transformational products which improve their Sales Mindset, Sales Ability & Sales Process.

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