Three of the best Sales tips from three of the best!

I’m intrigued about what makes great sales people great. What is it that Ultra High Performers do and what are the difficult things they've mastered that makes selling easy for them? I’ve studied the very best in the sales industry for years, building an extensive...

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COMFORT…….…the new motivation

I spend a lot of time in hotels and probably like you, I’ve experienced the full spectrum of what is and isn’t achievable in the art of delighting the customer. I’d like to explore what’s behind the, at best, bang average service that in my opinion, many of the hotels...

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“Hey, Sir Richard, sell me this pen”

I don't think there's anyone out there who doesn’t like Sir Richard Branson – maybe the exception being Willie Walsh perhaps. We love an under-dog don't we, especially if they’re successful, sun-tanned and look great in corduroy – if 007 was a pacifist, Branson would...

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Sales Cadence

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