What Tom Cruise taught me and the importance of being honest.

If you’ve seen the film Top Gun, you’ll recall the classic one-liner “because I was inverted” which Maverick uses to describe his up close and personal meeting with a Russian MIG fighter. It’s a skill that’s not just held for elite fighter pilots, my guess is you also...

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When you say Yes, what are you saying No to?

Whatever your thoughts are on goal-setting, I've found that starting each day with a clearly defined and well-structured achievement process, invaluable. I know there’s a lot of “blah, blah” out there about self-help and positive thinking but this is one daily...

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The one thing we all want to be is understood.

As a relative newbie to Facebook, I’ve been fascinated by the on-line jousting that has taken place both before and after the BREXIT result on 23rd June 2016. Like you, I’ve witnessed some very rational and well-thought through opinions that support both sides of the...

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How “happy people sell”!

It’s a well-used phrase “happy people sell”. I use it a lot myself. but finding facts to support the validity of the claim are somewhat of a challenge. Google-it. You'll find Nev Wilshire from BBC’s The Call Centre. "Tidy darts" from the maverick boss from Swansea but...

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