Back in the day, we spent hours in training rooms. Often un-sure as to why we’d been asked to attend; usually underwhelmed by the whole experience and we nearly always left without learning a skill. We vowed never to run Sales Training that looked anything remotely like that.

You see, people don’t buy features & functions; they buy a solution to their problem and we are totally comfortable knowing that you don’t care about our training; you just want better results. That’s what Salescadence is all about and here’s how we’ll get you there.

  • VALIDATE (30 Minute Discovery Call) – You share your observations; we guide you on your options
  • REMEDY (1-day Facilitated Workshop) – You diagnose your problems; we build you the future strategy
  • IMPLEMENT (90 Day Training Program) – You learn, apply and deliver the actions which deliver success

Here’s a simplified diagram of how we do it:

Your 30-minute confidential discovery call, designed to diagnose your situation, justify your assumptions and decide if we’re a fit.


Our 1-day workshop which uncovers the weaknesses, identifies the root causes and delivers your future sales strategy.


The 90-day training program, to empower your team to apply the remedy, delivering the results and securing your payback.


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We are the only B2B Sales Training company offering a 100% guarantee. Apply what we teach and if after 90 days of completing the program, you haven’t achieved the KPI’s we agreed together – you pay nothing.

Traditional ‘sheep-dip’ sales training doesn’t work. Stop wasting your time with training disguised as a seminar that is really nothing but a ‘day out of the office’, delivering very little, if anything, to show for it.


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