In Sales, is there anything more frustrating than not being called back?

OK, maybe being behind a queue of 175 people at passport control at 9 pm on a Friday night just shades it, but people not returning your calls, Jeez!

But let’s agree that most people aren’t sitting around waiting for you to ring (OK possibly your Nan, but you get the idea). Just like you, they’re super-busy and your call is more likely to be unwelcome interruption rather than divine intervention.

Needless to say, if you do get lucky enough to get your prospect actually picking up the phone, the phrase “is now a good time to call?” must never be used, ever! Delete it from your sales vocabulary because “now” will never be a good time to call someone for the first time – especially if they suspect you’re a sales professional!

More likely in today’s anti-social, social world, chances are you’ll reach their voicemail. So plan ahead and leave a message that (a) provokes a desire for them to want to call you back or (b) at least be around to take your next call.

Provided your product or service will benefit the person you’re calling (why call them otherwise?), here’s a great tip I first heard from Phil M Jones that will really help your ‘call-back-ability’ rate…

TIP: Before you dial, ask yourself this: “who will have control over what happens next as a result of my message?”

ACTION: Swap “give me a call back when you get this message…” where you give control away, to “I’ll call you again at 08:15 am tomorrow” and keep control over what happens next.

You’re opening line tomorrow will then be “Hi <Name>, I’m calling as promised…”

Repeat the action everyday until they either pick up as requested or they call you back.

OUTCOME: Your ‘call-back-ability’ stats will improve and whilst the odd one might remain aloof*, your target customers will view your disciplined persistence as a sign of your certainty and confidence in your product or service and will want to talk to you.

Whilst not the intention, we could also consider that when you promise something to someone and then deliver ‘as promised’, you do prick the conscience in most people’s minds. Most people will feel obliged to repay the promise or settle the debt and either turn-up to take your next scheduled call or call you back – either way, you have a conversation.

*People who don’t take or return your calls and remain aloof are almost certainly not going to be your target customer and not good for your business. Great news! Better to find this out sooner rather than later so you can move on and re-focus your efforts on finding people who are the right fit for you.


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About the author: Matt Sykes is founder of Sales Training company Salescadence. He works predominantly with Personality-led Business Owners to help them convert more of their leads into customers via transformational products which improve Sales Mindset, Sales Ability & Sales Process.



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