Six Weeks of Outstanding Training – guaranteed!

Cohort 4 – starts May 2020

The frustration of not being able to grow your business often boils down to the one area you didn’t plan on ever worrying about… 

We think nothing of spending money building awesome websites to promote our products. We’ll throw stacks of cash at attending networking events, meeting the same old faces each time. 

We’ll even invest in social media guru’s to show us how to improve our ‘social selling’ skills, because we’re told that “everyone buys on-line these days!” 

But the reality is, all these ‘shiny objects’ do is create attention, just like bees round a hunny-pot or to put it another way, it’s marketing not selling! 

But I’m willing to bet that you’re reading this right now because you looking to grow your sales, not grow your marketing… 

Ironically, there could be a chance that your business isn’t set up correctly and as a result, your marketing isn’t  attracting the right kind of customers… 

Think about that for a minute… imagine wasting your hard-earned money on marketing that doesn’t work! 

But lets pretend that your marketing does get potential customers looking at you and they decide to get in touch… 

To be able to recover all that time and money invested in the cool social media stuff and (forgettable) Chamber breakfasts, you’re going to have to turn their inquiry into an order, otherwise it’s pointless, agreed? 

And that’s why investing just a fraction of the money you currently spend on social media (marketing) and networking and diverting it to learning how to convert an inquiry into an order (that’s cash for you btw), starts to make a lot of sense… 

But when you think about improving your sales skills, it can feel like you’re under pressure even before you start… 

So many things to learn, like those ‘open and closed’ questions, how to build rapport, knowing when and how to pitch your offer, how to handle an objection (or three!), sophisticated closing techniques…  in fact it’s such a complicated task, just thinking about it can confuse you – overwhelm you even! 

I agree. I had a similar problem in January 2014 when I started my business 

I’d spend loads of time researching the subject on-line, reading books and listening to podcasts trying to absorb as much information as I could on the subject of ‘how to sell’. But even when I put into practice what I’d learned, some people still didn’t want to buy from me? 

Worse than that, I didn’t know why! 

Which I why I had to stop, sit down and work out a system 

A system so simple it that it wouldn’t take months or even weeks to get meaningful sales discussions happening. A system so obvious that after the very first day of application, it transformed my thinking, my approach to business and my sales results – for the better.

The ‘Make Selling Personal’ Training Program

Now, a word of caution. Sales training will not get you selling after one day. Ask any reputable trainer and they’ll tell you it takes weeks to shift the knowledge provided into sustainable tangible results – you’ll probably have heard that phrase “it takes 60 days to make a habit”? 

And they’re right of course, but what if we could speed it up a tad? 

What if we’ve been approaching the process of selling our products in the wrong manner? 

Why should we always start with learning the selling bit, just because it sounds obvious? What if there were a superior method; a method that started with understanding why people buy first? A method that not only pinpoints exactly why, but also how they buy and then matching how you sell to that! 

That’s what this training program is designed to do. 

No more agony over feeling like you’re ‘selling people stuff’. No more fear of not being liked. No more worrying if the training will work or living with the risk of wasting your money. 

Instead you have a solution that is guaranteed to get you selling more easily, more authentically and one which will do so in six logical steps: 

Step One:
Understanding the Sales Process

This module serves as a ‘self-diagnosis’ session and provides an in-depth look at the reasons why people buy and why they don’t. It dissects the Sales Process into the individual parts and demonstrates the importance of why selling in sequence is essential for sales growth.

At the end of the first session, I had identified three key areas of sales improvement that I could take away and implement into my business.      Oliver Hill, Hill Coaching Company 

Step two:
Your Prospecting Strategy

One of the key reasons why businesses fail is because they don’t have enough ‘qualified’ leads in their sales pipeline. Understanding who your ideal customer is, how many you need and how to engage them is crucial and this module teaches just that. 

Step three:
Learn to Pitch

Some say that ‘you get what you pitch for’ and recognising how, where and when to pitch is a skill that can be learned and a talent that will reward every Sales Professional who masters it. A highly practical session which boosts confidence and self-belief. A real game-changer! 

Step four:
Controlling the Sale

Many organisations struggle with gaining commitment from an interested prospect, resulting in sales discussions that go on far too long and often disappear. This module teaches you how to control the sale on your terms so that a decision is always made. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this training. I really did cringe at the thought of becoming a ‘sales person’, but now I can’t wait to go out there and sell because I now have a concise and strategic way to help people buy from me
Kate White, Front Page Media 

Step five:
The Questions that Sell

There’s a direct link between the quality of a question and the quality of the answer. In this module, you’ll takeaway a well-designed and strategic set of sales questions which will improve your sales conversations and improve your sales conversion rate. 

Step Six:
Gaining Commitment

When you hear “it’s too expensive”, what do you say? When they “need time to think it over”, how do you respond. This module teaches the essential skill of reversing objections and shows you how to avoid objections happening in future – guaranteed. 

I would absolutely recommend this training program, it’s been fantastic for me. The biggest thing I’ve gained from it is actual sales I’ve specifically made as a direct result of attending the training program.

Kyle Brooks, Runstoppable 

This is training, it’s not training disguised as a seminar… 

This means you go through a repeated process of learning how to build a repeatable process. This way you reduce the risk of jumping straight into ‘the doing’ (implementation) until you’re truly capable of being able to. This is one of the main reasons why so much training fails to deliver tangible results. 

I only work with small groups of high calibre individuals. This training is limited to just 8 – that’s eight like-minded and passionate business people who all want to be in an inspirational environment to learn how to grow their business by helping more people buy what they sell.. 

What you’ll leave the workshop with… 

  • Besides an acute awareness of how people buy, you’ll be in no doubt about how your current Sales process is performing versus ‘Best In Class’ and where and how you can improve it.
  • You’ll also leave knowing exactly who your ideal customer is and this is priceless knowledge that will improve your marketing and social media activity ROI as a direct result.
  • You’ll adopt a proven method to control every sales conversation so that a decision is always made and because you’re in control, agreed actions will happen on time – no more wasted time following up.
  • You’ll know the right questions to ask and most importantly, when to ask them and this will translate itself into helping people become really confident in buying from you.
  • You will convert more leads and increase the opportunity of getting referrals from happy clients which in turn, will lead to more in-bound leads and less reliance on prospecting.

Frequently asked questions 

Who is this course for? 

Anyone who is responsible for sales growth within their organisation and is currently frustrated with their results. They know they are capable of achieving more revenue and just want to find out how. 

You might be the CEO of a SME looking to grow revenue. You could be a Sales Director looking to find some in-house training for your team and want to try before you buy. You could be an entrepreneur who cannot find enough people to buy what you sell.

Do I need to know the basics about selling before I attend? 

This training is more advanced in terms of content than any other I’ve attended but it’s simple and logical. Often it’s those people who know least about the subject who end up learning more. I insist on delegates adopting an open-mind, to remove any resistance or misconceptions that may hold them back from absorbing the learning – no ego’s allowed! 

What if I’m in start-up and don’t have a product or service to sell yet? 

Ironically, this could well be an advantage. This workshop is going to help you realise that it’s not what you sell that’s important. Great products are essential, but they are simply there to solve a problem for your customer. 

What qualifies you to deliver this training? 

I’ve been selling professionally in the B2B space since 1998. My final role before exiting salaried employment  was European Sales Director, with a sales portfolio of €70m. Over 16 years selling to some of the toughest corporate buyers around who knew how to outsmart sales people. 

As a result, I’ve made every mistake there is to make and whilst I don’t have all the answers, I do know how to sell – so much so, I wrote a book about it. More importantly for you, I’ve been teaching people how to sell since 2014 and all of my business comes as a direct result of applying the content I teach.

Where does the training take place? 

The training takes place at The Enterprise Centre, Norwich – one of the UK’s most sustainable buildings, a centre for student entrepreneurship and a regional hub for innovators and businesses. 

What is the format of the training? 

Training takes place every Friday at 09:00am and lasts for two hours. It’s a combination of tuition, personal and group discussion and a series of exercises designed to link the learning specifically to your business. 

How do I sign up to attend the training?

Condition 1:  You have to first join a waiting list (see the link below) 

Condition 2:  I manually approve everyone who attends (see approval process below) 

Condition 3:  You’ll need to make payment once you’re approved 

How much does it cost? 

See below for your pricing options – but wait. How much are you currently paying on Networking subscriptions and social media management and what does that bring you in return? 

What is it costing you in lost income every time you can’t convert a ‘warm lead’ into a sale? I’m not evading the issue here, but one thing you’ll learn on the training is that it’s not the price you pay that’s important, it’s what your investment pays back that matters. 

Is there a money-back guarantee? 

Yes there is! Can you believe it, a training provider that will give you 100% of your money back if you don’t get the results we agreed when you signed up – no quibble! 

Put everything you’re taught into practice, exactly as you’re instructed and not only will you not get your money back, you’ll earn significantly more than the investment you make in this training. 

What if I pay but then can’t attend one of the training sessions? 

If you have to miss a session because of an emergency, you can join that session for free on the next cohort. 

About the approval process 

I understand that not everyone will want to go through three ‘conditions’ just to get access to a training workshop, and that’s fine with me. However, I will be approving you based on your suitability for this training, if it’s not right for you, I’ll tell you. 

If you’re really serious about learning how to improve your Sales results, then you will get to Condition 3 and can expect to be approved and at the front of the queue when the tickets go on sale. 

So could you do this training later? 

Yes. You could wait and join the next cohort. However, the Sales problem you’ve got probably won’t get solved without expert help. It may even cost you more money by delaying taking action. 

Not having enough time is a nice excuse, but you’ll never have enough time. Unless you’ve got another more important priority in your business right now than finding new customers, there’s never going to be a better time than now. 

My advice is stop spending another penny on networking subscriptions and wasting your time with social media and divert your attention to learning how to give yourself the best possible chance of staying in and growing your business – learn how to sell! 

Matt just gets sales. Not only that but he completely understands the science that underpins this crucial business process. Some sales people give the art and science of selling a bad name, Matt is the polar opposite and has some simply great systems that can and do help everybody to become better salespeople. Neil Foley, Business Growth Club 


If you’re prone to making excuses, then this training isn’t for you. 

I want you to get a minimum of ten times the tangible return on your investment and to do that you’re going to have to apply the skills you learn daily – not every now and then – DAILY! 

I’m no slave driver but I’m not a push-over either. My reputation is based getting my clients results and if you’re not as serious about that as me, please don’t sign up! 

If you’re someone who needs to be ‘motivated by others’, you won’t find it on this course, so please don’t waste your time reading any further. 

If you genuinely want more sales, I’ll teach you how but you must do the work. If you do, I’ll match the passion you have for your product or service with all the support you’ll need to be successful. 

2 Big Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay 

#1: It’s more economical than any other Sales Training you’ll find. 

There are plenty of one-day Sales training workshops out there charging more than £500 per delegate and having taken many myself, most are essentially a ‘sheep-dip’ of ‘how to sell’. They fail to deliver results because they try to give you way too much content in too shorter time and as a result, you’re overwhelmed and you learn nothing. 

That’s why ‘Make Selling Personal’ focuses on learning just one key thing, every week, for six weeks. Here’s what you’ll takeaway: 

  • Knowing who and where to find the best customers for your business and engaging with them
  • Understanding how to sell in sequence so that you take your prospect on a logical journey
  • Controlling the sale and being able to ‘plant your feet’ and communicate with confidence
  • Being able to create high levels of commitment from your prospect so a decision is always made
  • Knowing how to reverse any objection and never needing to ‘sell on price’ ever again
  • Helping you become a truly brilliant, inspiring and authentic sales person 

#2: Currently, I’m offering ‘Premium Bonuses’ worth £250 that won’t be available on the next cohort

No other one-day Sales training will provide you with a 121 follow-up session thirty days after the workshop – but I do. I’m going to hold you accountable to make sure you do what you say you. 

I’m also going to give you a sales ‘gift bundle’ to help you sell long after the training has finished. 

The Premium Bonuses (valued at £250.00)

Bonus #1: Salescadence Gift Bundle 

You’ll receive a copy of my book Sales Glue which contains over 30 proven sales & personal development tips. You’ll also takeaway a set of e-books which cover tips on Networking, Questions and Sending Quotations. You’ll also receive a set of unique postcards which your customers will enjoy receiving and will move you up their ‘supplier’ list. 

Bonus #2: Post-Workshop 121 Coaching Session 

If you’ve ever had a professional mentor, you’ll know the value of a personal coaching session. I’ve had a mentor for the last 3 years and count this as the best investment I have made in my business.  Our 121 will take place face to face at my office in Little Melton, Norfolk and we’ll spend an hour focusing on any aspect of your sales development as well as following up on the training content. 

Bonus #3: Professionally produced video Sales Pitch 

Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll realise that being able to identify who your ideal customer is and how to communicate them, is crucial to your success. You’ll leave with a professionally produced, 60 second video, of you delivering your engaging sales pitch, which you can include as part of your lead generation strategy. 

Your Investment Options 

Standard ticket: £350.00 

Your access to the full training course plus workbook.

Premium ticket: £399.00  

As the Standard ticket plus the 121 coaching session, the ‘goodies pack’ AND you’ll get your own video pitch which includes your logo, to use across your social media platforms and your website. 

Clear and practical Sales strategies and a framework to implement them into my work role. Ridiculous amount of value!
Sam Capps, David Lloyd Leisure Group


Do you have any questions? Did I miss anything out?


Email me at or better still, call me direct on +44(0)1603 819136


join the waiting list

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And Finally…

If you feel you need this training, and are hesitating, just remember that he or she who hesitates is lost. The law of nature is simple: Sow and you shall reap. You have to be prepared to invest today, to gain tomorrow.

Stop wasting your money on marketing that might not work and networking events that deliver zero sales, until you’re 100% confident that you know how to sell – invest your money in something that pays the best interest – invest in yourself!

I’ve sacrificed a lot over the last few years working for myself, but now my sales activity leads to more sales conversations with the right people and ultimately far more revenue. I’m happier in life, I’m a better person to be around and that too often leads to more sales conversations and more sales!


If your product or service really does help people, then it’s worth getting evangelical about it and getting it in front of the right ideal customers – people who want what you’ve got. You owe it to yourself and your business to make a decision now that will change the way you do things and start enjoying the sales success that you are totally capable of creating for yourself. 

Matt Sykes



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