How confrontational is the training you deliver?

This question is raised by many Sales Directors who visit the website, after all we are a very different type of training company. But rest assured, we know there is no point alienating our audience as it would be counter-productive to our need to create willing co-operation from those we want to help. 

We create a safe, learning environment where everybody can express their opinions and are equally valued. This is really important when there is often a mix of experienced, senior sales ‘heavy weights’ plus newer, more junior staff in the room.

But we do not hide the fact that we want people to recognise the impact of their own behaviours and explore what’s holding them back, so rather than ‘confrontation’, we positively challenge.

How do salespeople feel and react after the training?

They feel empowered, knowing they have been in the hands of professionals with entirely their interests at heart.  They not only have a greater insight as to their mindset and behaviour; they will also have a new set of highly relevant sales skills they can deploy.

The really important part is they will have committed to using this knowledge and skill every day, to start forming positive new habits that get results.

And the group will hold themselves accountable after the training, cajoling, reminding and encouraging each other to not simply fall back to their old ways but implement what they now know. This is the foundation for long-term personal, team and business growth.

Typically, what problems do Sales Directors face with their sales team?

It’s dangerous to over generalise as every business is different, but there are some common issues which we see time and again. These include:

  • Too few of the team consistently hit their targets.
  • A blame culture exists as team members seek to advocate responsibility when deals are lost – ‘the market’, ‘the competition’ and ‘price’ is mentioned frequently during sales meetings. 
  • The best ‘patch’ or geographic area encourages ‘order taker’ behaviour rather than proactive selling.
  • A few of the high sales achievers are very protective of their customers, possibly at the expense of the business
  • Conversion time is getting longer and sales conversations stall, making forecasting impossible.
  • Full margins aren’t protected, as they discount to secure a sale.
  • New or junior sales people are given ‘difficult’ areas and perceived low value clients, which makes success difficult for them, leading to high staff turnover at this level.
  • There isn’t an effective prospecting system in place, encouraging the right behaviours.
  • Time, credibility and sales are lost as team members mistakenly give away free information without securing something in return.
  • Negotiation is mistakenly seen as a skill, rather than what it really is, conceding and giving away your hard-earned profit. 

By no means an exhaustive list, but these are fairly common.

The important point to make however, is all of these problems are solved with our training.

How can we offer a guarantee and what does it mean in reality?

We can offer a guarantee because we only work with companies where we know we can make a difference. If we’re not a good fit, we’ll tell you.    

That’s one fact that makes us different, as we don’t have off the shelf products with a one size fits all approach.

Everything we do is tailored to the company we work with.

The second reason we can offer a guarantee, is because we know we make a difference as we are very good at what we do.

There is a very big BUT however.

If we decide to work together (we only accept around 10% of the companies we speak to) it’s because both parties are truly committed to taking action, and will follow through on what’s agreed.

Our guarantee is if you implement the training exactly how we prescribe and don’t get the tangible results we agreed with you in the timescales we set, then you effectively pay nothing and we will refund you in full.

What qualifies you to deliver training?

We’re a rare combination being both practitioners and teachers.

Practitioners– we’ve both sold extensively in the B2B market, in both large corporates, SME’s, and as self-employed business owners.

We’ve relied on sales to provide our livelihoods for years, predominantly on a commission only basis.

We’ve held Sales Director roles and managed sales teams.

We have over 65 years combined sales experience between the two of us. 

Teachers – we’ve delivered hundreds of workshops, training programs and 121 coaching sessions.

We are in demand as speakers and trainers.

We’re professionally trained to teach what we know.

We study our profession.

We’re pretty direct, without being offensive.

We get paid for our knowledge and expertise.

How much does it cost?

The answer is it depends on what you need of course. We don’t deliver off the shelf training, so we don’t give a definitive ‘off the shelf’ figure.

What we can tell you is we aren’t cheap. If you’re looking for cheap, try hiring amateurs and see what happens. 

The important issue for you is to decide is if it’s makes more sense to invest to solve your current sales problems or not.

What we know is that the amount you invest will easily be recovered by the results you get. We’re so confident about that, we guarantee it.

So, what should you pay for two professionals delivering exactly what you need whilst offering a full money back guarantee, with no risk at all to you?

How do I sign up?

You can’t. We need to determine whether we are right for each other first.

Experience has shown us that we need to follow a process, which we call our Discovery Call.

We will agree a time to explore the 13 fundamental questions you need to know the answers to.

At the end of the call you will be better informed, we’ll know more about each other and either of us can walk away without obligation.

If we are a good fit, we will walk you through the training framework, agree to proceed and book you onto our Discovery Day. This intensive workshop will give you a totally unique sales success blueprint tailored for your business and the choice to implement it yourself or with our help.


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