We’re not for everyone.

Only a few are offered the results we guarantee – is that you?


  • You’re a CEO who’s frustrated that the topline revenue doesn’t match the high standards you’ve set for your business.  
  • You’ll invest in external help to achieve your goals, but they must be experts who’ve experienced you’re pain.
  • You want to de-risk your aggressive sales strategy so that the growth creates employee and board confidence. 


  • You burn leads. Very few of your first sales meetings ever result in a second – worse than that, you don’t know why.  
  • Sales conversations slow down, stall and then disappear, making ‘follow up’ an unnecessary and costly task.
  • You win low margin business because price dominates sales discussions and buyers dictate your terms.

Are your sales at risk? Take our SALES REALITY CHECK!

Matt Sykes

  • +25 years selling
  • Professional trainer
  • B2B sales strategist
  • Business owner
  • Accomplished speaker
  • Two-time published author 
  • Sales mentor
  • Looks younger than he is (fiction)

Neil Foley

  • +40 years selling
  • Delivered hundreds of workshops
  • B2B & B2C specialist
  • Business owner
  • Bought and sold businesses
  • Business coach
  • Looks older than he is (fact)

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