We only work with people we can help.

Only a select few are offered the results we guarantee – is that you?


  • You’re a CEO or Sales Director with responsibility for creating sales revenue for your organisation.
  • You’re a big believer in developing your people, adopting a ‘criticise the action, not the person’ mentality, if and when mistakes occur.
  • You’re a problem solver who values time – you often outsource to experts.


  • You win low margin business because price dominates sales discussions and buyers dictate your terms.
  • In an attempt to ‘please’ the buyer, it feels like you’re giving away ‘free advice’ and you get nothing in return.
  • Sales conversations slow down, stall and then disappear, making ‘follow up’ an unnecessary and frustrating task.

How are you performing? Take our SALES REALITY CHECK!

We Diagnose your problem. We Train to solve it. We Mentor to make it stick.

The net result is our clients succeed – that’s why we offer a 100% guarantee.

Mattt Sykes

  • 25 years selling
  • Professional trainer
  • B2B specialist
  • Business owner
  • Accomplished speaker
  • Published author and podcast host
  • Sales mentor
  • Looks younger than he is (fiction)

Neil Foley

  • 40 years selling
  • Delivered hundreds of workshops
  • Sales management
  • B2B & B2C specialist
  • Business owner
  • Sold a business
  • Business coach
  • Looks older than he is (fact)

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