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Being a Private Client isn’t for everyone…

Becoming a Private Client is like signing up to take an MBA in selling.  

Most people think that hiring a sales coach is the end of all their problems, yet in reality, it’s usually the start.

It’s a tough and intensive process. Your weaknesses get exposed and you discover things about yourself that can be difficult to accept – can you handle that?     

Think of it like re-joining the gym! You know that it’s going to be brutal at the start. You’re going to have to reschedule life around turning up regularly and you’re going to have to put in the work.

It requires discipline, application and dedication. You’ll be required to implement what you learn and quite frankly, I’ve found in the past that most people who apply, quickly find out that they don’t have what it takes to make the shift towards creating long-term sales success.

The good news is I find that out before I agree to work with you because besides being hard work…


But then doing nothing can often be more expensive.

You’ll be investing a fair chunk of money in yourself and although most of my clients see an immediate return on their investment, a few don’t see an upside until they’re halfway through the process.

But as you’ll discover, there’s a significant difference between price (what you invest) and cost (what you get back).  

As a result of working together, my average 121 Private Client generates significantly more sales revenue (and subsequently earnings) than the investment they make in becoming a Private Client. 

The reason why is because if I take you on as a client and you implement what we work on together, your sales will increase. Period.

If there’s a shred of doubt that I cannot help you or you won’t do the work required, your application won’t be approved.   

And despite my comments about hard work (which are true by the way), I genuinely believe that you’ll really enjoy the process of working with me.


In order that I can protect your investment so that you get it back and more, plus the need for me to protect my reputation (I only work with those that I can help), I’ve created an application process to filter out any tire-kickers or time-wasters.

If you’d like to become a Private Client, there’s some ‘paperwork’ to complete first …

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You’ll see an application form below – it will take 3 minutes to fill this out.
  2. I’ll review your application within 24 hours of receiving it.
  3. If it looks like we might be a good fit, I’ll schedule a 20 minute call with you so I can fully diagnose your situation and answer your questions.
  4. If we then both decide we’re a good match, you’ll be invited to become a Private Client.

If you are serious about shifting your sales results from good to great, fill out the form and start the process!


Fill in this form to apply now

Thanks for taking the time to read this far and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best Wishes

Matt Sykes, Salescadence

PS: everyone who becomes a Private Client gets guaranteed results. 



There are two reasons why I’m confident I can guarantee results:


If you become a Private Client, it will be because you’ll be able to demonstrate forward momentum. You’ll have responsibility for generating sales and you’ll already be good at selling.  

Forward momentum means you’re already successful and you want MORE.

The challenge you have isn’t your desire to achieve or a lack of work ethic.

It’s that you’re not able to see the opportunities you have for further sales growth because you’re stuck doing things that you’ve always done and some of these things won’t be helping you – some of these things will actually be restricting you!

My own sales success comes from applying modern sales skills and strategies into my working week, but also from stopping doing the things that made selling difficult.   


Having spent sixteen years in corporate sales roles, since 2014, when I began working for myself, commission-only, I’ve been solving the same problem that you have right now.

That’s 2,400 days and counting. 

Conservatively speaking, at least 18,500 hours of obsessive focus on just ONE THING: 

Increasing the Sales growth in businesses like yours while getting rid of all the stuff that held me back.

That’s the Salescadence Private Client Group formula.

We take my experience and expertise, add it to your forward momentum, desire and work ethic and we get results.


My job is to do one thing for you: Increase your revenue while getting rid of stuff that’s holding you back. The net effect of this is a total transformation of your sales results.

I won’t give you loads of new ideas to try. All that will do is create distraction. 

Instead, I learn everything I can about your customer, your sales process and how you interact with both.

Think of this as me dumping all the moving pieces of your sales process out on a big table and seeing how each one is performing.

Then I select just one thing, the first thing that’s going to move you closer to hitting your sales growth objectives and I give you an action plan to implement.

Just One Thing!   


And we keep repeating that process until we hit your goals. 

This hyper-focused approach is how I get results for my clients and the secret to your sales transformation.

Here’s How it Works

On completing the application process, we agree a start date.

We meet twice a month, for two hours, via Video call.

We also speak on the phone every Monday morning to set up your week and you reply to my accountability email every Friday.   

Month One: diagnosis via my product ‘Remedy’ – deconstructing your sales process and understanding exactly where the problem areas are that are restricting your results. 

During Remedy, we learn exactly what your specific goals are, we get as much information about your business as possible, we find out what’s working and what isn’t.

Think of this as a way of uncovering all the raw materials we have available to use in order to help you get the specific results you want.

You’ll come away from this with a great sense of clarity and focus.

Month Two: rebuilding using my product ‘Implement’ – jointly creating the action plan using the Salescadence Sales Process.

Not involving my clients in this stage and simply building the action plan myself is madness.

It’s like being invited over to Gordon Ramsey’s place for dinner and sitting in his living room alone, rather than heading into his kitchen to watch him prepare the food!

Being a part of this process helps to join up the dots and brings logic to the whole sales process. 

Month’s Three to Six: intensive implementation of the ‘One Thing’ action plan.   

At this stage, we’ll have developed a rhythm of working together where we’re constantly getting wins. 

We take the results of the first one-step plan and come up with the next one-step plan that’s designed to build on the results of the first one.

We keep compounding the results of what’s working …while constantly getting rid of stuff that’s holding you back.

Our entire focus is on finding the ONE THING, perfecting it, and implementing it. 

Once that’s done, we find the next ONE THING and implement that


Allow me to finish by saying this…

If we work together, I can absolutely guarantee you’ll love the process of working with me and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

So, if you think the time has come to end sales mediocrity and shift into sales excellence, click the “Apply Now” link below, fill out an application and I’ll look forward to speaking with you in 24 hours time.

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