Exceptional Sales Training with Guaranteed Results

“Selling is vastly underrated and often overcomplicated. If you want to stop doing the easy things that make selling difficult and in doing so, help way more people buy what you sell – you’re in the right place”

Matt Sykes

Founder, Salescadence

How Often Do You Train Your Sales Team?

The shift from ‘face-to-face’ to online video calls has dramatically reduced the essential quality engagement time required to help prospects make the right buying decisions. Hybrid selling is here to stay, but this ‘distant & disconnected’ approach to selling is a growing trend which carries risk, especially for a salesperson following an outdated sales strategy.

Is Price The Key Factor In Your Sales Calls?

B2B buyers ‘self diagnose’. They research the solution to their problem, then search online for suitable vendors, and book a sales call. With lowest price often positioned as the decider, this Dutch auction serves up a high failure rate for an untrained salesperson.

Spending Too Much Time Following-Up Leads?

Demo ‘no shows’; hours wasted chasing proposal feedback; being ghosted; it doesn’t have to be like this! If the prospect really has a problem you can solve, it should be them chasing you! This ‘cat & mouse’ approach is unnecessary and so easy to correct. 

How Do You Measure Up? Take The Sales Audit

Successful Selling Requires A New Set Of Sales Skills

7 out of 8 first-time meetings with qualified prospects fail to secure a 2nd meeting. How much of your marketing budget is wasted on creating sales qualified leads that ultimately don’t convert into sales? 

At Salescadence, we mitigate that risk for ambitious B2B clients. Our sales training provides your salespeople with the skills they need to convert more leads into sales and it’s been proven on more than 1,125 prospect sales calls – it’s why we guarantee you results!

We’re So Confident Our Training Works, It’s Guaranteed!

Investing in Sales Training can carry both a financial and a reputational risk. At Salescadence, we not only understand that, we take pride in the fact that we only agree to work with those we know we can help get the results they expect and only agree to deliver our training when we both agree that there are no risks – it’s why we offer a guarantee.


No ‘off the shelf’ product can work for everyone. The Salescadence ‘custom tailored’ approach is built on diagnosis BEFORE prescription, ensuring that you become an intrinsic part of your own solution right from the start.


+25 years corporate B2B sales industry experience; Head of Sales; European Sales Director; self-employed business owner; published author; trained hundreds of sales professionals.


Clients make significantly more in revenue than the investment they make to work with Salescadence. Irrespective, you get the peace of mind of our guarantee – if you apply what you’re taught and you don’t get the agreed results, you’ll be trained for free until you do.

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