Selling is everything. It gives you revenue; creates income; supports growth – recurring sales are the lifeblood of every successful business. 

Yet less than 50% of businesses have a predictable process for guaranteeing these essential results – does yours? 

A sales team that struggles to generate leads, spends too much time with the wrong prospects and wins business on price, isn’t selling at all.

When was the last time your sales team received training that guaranteed them more sales and you more profit? 

  • The facts don’t lie – most sales teams aren’t as effective as they could be.
  • They try hard – few know what it takes to deliver outstanding sales results.
  • A staggering 67.9% of sales teams are achieving 60% of annual quota or less!

So what’s the problem? Why is this the case? Watch the video to find out more.
In today’s competitive B2B world, the really good salespeople, the top 10% – the ‘Ultra High Performers’ – are all highly skilled because they understand the advantage of regular sales training.
And yet you have invested heavily in sales training before. They’ve been taught how to ask the right questions; they know the importance of first impressions and yet the results aren’t there…

There’s a reason why sales training doesn’t work, and we’ve got the facts to prove it.

36% of sales professionals are below 40% of target – they’re being taught the wrong things.
It’s all too generic. A ‘sheep-dip’ of handling objections and pointless closing techniques.

What’s missing is delegate accountability. Transferring the learning into the day job.


It’s not your fault – it’s the way sales training has traditionally been delivered – it doesn’t work anymore. But there is a better way, the Salescadence way and it works. And that’s why we offer a 100% guarantee.

Training that is entirely focused on what your business needs right now. Tailored to your needs, not those of the trainers. Training that will deliver tangible financial results – guaranteed.


If your sales team have latent potential.


If they aren’t selling at full margin.

If you want Ultra-high performers.


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